very sorry. We are currently receiving a large number of regular orders. So I don't have time to spend on special orders. Therefore, we will no longer accept special orders. Please understand.

We have started accepting special orders.

We only sold the products listed on this site. However, from now on, we will accept orders for other products.
Please read and order the following notice carefully.

Please read first

  • The special order accepts only 100,000 yen or more for the item price.
  • You need to pay the item price and the estimated shipping cost first.
  • After you make the payment, we will order to the manufacturer or dealer.

※ It will take 2-3 weeks for the product to be delivered to my store.
※ Please do not hurry about the delivery date.
※ Please refrain from inquiries on delivery date.
※ We do not accept special order of second-hand goods.

The following items are not accepted

  • The amount is 100,000 yen or less.
  • Products from manufacturers that are usually difficult to buy (Example: ITOCRAFT).
  • Discontinued product (Products not listed on the manufacturer's official website are discontinued)

How to order

  1. Please e-mail with the items name and quantity you want. If there are many items , please write to Excel file.
  2. We confirm the stock of those goods to the manufacturer / wholesaler.
  3. If there is a stock of those items, We will issue a PayPal invoice for the items price and shipping cost estimate.
    ※ As shipping cost is undecided at this time, we will charge more, and settle after shipping.
  4. If they are out of stock, we will contact you and the order will be cancelled.
  5. You should pay within 3 days.
  6. Once your payment is confirmed, we will order your item to the manufacturer / wholesaler.
  7. In some cases, it may take 2-3 weeks for the product to delivery our store, but please be patient.
  8. When the item arrives at my store, I will send it to you. Once shipping costs are determined, extra shipping costs will be refunded.

Please enjoy shopping with us